Kroll Ontrack®, the leading provider of information management, data recovery, and legal technology products and services, today announced improvements to its data recovery capabilities for Apple Macintosh® systems, addressing the surge in usage of Apple systems, services, applications and devices, including the iPad™, iPhone® and iPod®. Through its Ontrack® Data Recovery services, Kroll Ontrack’s proprietary Recovery Positioning SystemTM feature adds a higher level of precision to the data recovery process, resulting in faster service and a higher quality data recovery.

Following a hard drive failure or physical damage to the media, the quality of a data recoverycan diminish as deterioration occurs and time is spent recovering files from unimportant areas of the drive. Using its Recovery Positioning System process, Kroll Ontrack is able to prioritize the recovery strategy according to the most critical needs of the customer and locate specific information on used areas of the drive as well as critical file types.

“The decision a corporation or user makes post data loss impacts the integrity of a drive recovery. Kroll Ontrack’s research and development advancements and cleanroom technology allows Ontrack Data Recovery engineers to read the drive and image files better and faster, despite any damage that may still be occurring,” said Todd Johnson, vice president of Ontrack Data Recovery operations, Kroll Ontrack. “This, coupled with our ability to target the critical files and provide a comprehensive evaluation and detailed file report of which files can be recovered, is invaluable to the customer experience.”

“Essentially, the first attempt is the best chance to achieve the highest quality recovery possible following a hard drive crash. With our Recovery Positioning System process, we have the ability to get to the critical files more quickly, which improves the quality and turnaround time of the recovery,” added Jim Reinert, vice president of product development, Kroll Ontrack. “Apple customers with Mac operating systems not only benefit from our extensive data recovery experience, but our dedicated research and development, which are second to none.”

Ontrack Data Recovery engineers report that requests for Mac-specific data recoveries have doubled over the last three years, growing 117 percent from 2006 to 2009. As Apple’s market share continues to grow, Kroll Ontrack remains committed to its investment in data recovery solutions for Apple customers with Mac systems, servers, applications, files and operating systems, as well as iPad, iPod and iPhone devices. Specifically, Kroll Ontrack is equipped with data recovery technology for MacMail and Microsoft® Entourage® e-mail as well as data recovery capabilities for Apple Xsan® 2 clustered file system for Mac OS® X.